Production Process

Vodka is produced from luxurious grain spirit and demineralized water from its own deep well (subjected to a process of water treatment in the reverse osmosis process) to achieve a 40% ethyl solution. The combination takes place in a vats, made of stainless steel, where the refining process is carried out by through infusing in a closed cycle. Vodkas produced by us are subjected to multiple filtration processes, among others by means of the use of activated carbon, maturing in vats for a minimum of 72 hours as well as the use of unique Polish receips.

Alc/vol.at temp.20 C 40,0 + 0,3
Attributes Liquid clear, colorless, without sediment and mechanical impurities
Taste and smell Mild, pure ethnol, other small and savor are imperceptible.
Aledehyde content based on acetaldehyde in g/hl alk. 100% vol. < 0,3
Fuzel content based on isobutyl alcohol in g/hl alk. 100% vo. < 0,2
Methyl alcohol content in g/hl alk.100% vol. < 10

Ethyl alcohol produced in the territory of the Republic of Poland from rye, wheat, barley, oats, grown on the territory of Poland, was not genetically modified. The finished product does not contain allergens.

Carouse Vodka